Demolition Service

Are you searching for fully certified and industry recognised professionals for your next demolition? With more than 15 years of experience, passion, and professionalism, the experts at Rite Away Demolition Services can help you.
For many years, the Rite Away team have been the professionals you can turn to for reliable, eco-friendly and high-quality demolition services. We leverage cutting-edge infrastructure and a dedicated team to deliver demolition solutions that solve your problems. That is why we are the go-to specialists for Greater Melbournian households and businesses. With a focus on quality and a dedication to great work, we can provide a hassle-free solution for you.
Our assignments span a gamut of sites from individual houses to retail businesses to industrial properties. Unsurprisingly, our customers benefit from a sense of trust and reliability that’s second to none. second to none.

demolition services

Our values

  • • Provide flexible services to meet client requirements
  • • Carefully plan each step based on our extensive, past experience
  • • Implement our plans to perfection
  • • Provide dependable, safe, and end-to-end services
  • • Provide low impact, eco-friendly solutions
  • • Exist on the cutting edge of the industry
  • • Get it right for you now, not next time!

Modus Operandi

We only complete your demolition once the following measures have been taken:

  • • Permits secured
  • • Building checked for asbestos (including removal)
  • • Utilities identified and disconnected
  • • Safety procedures designed and implemented
  • • Surrounding properties notified
  • • Secure fencing erected

Once all the necessary steps have been taken, we will complete your demolition on a strict timeline. On completion of the job, your site will be cleaned and construction-ready!